History - Rollins Cabin

Lockwood’s Ranch holds some very rich history. When the Brown family homesteaded this property in the 1920’s, their son built his own cabin away from the family cabin. In researching the local museum files, we came across this photo of “Rollin’s Cabin”. A quick review of the landscape in the background allowed us to pinpoint the site of the original cabin.


It has not been determined when this cabin was removed but upon searching the building site, several artifacts were found including a small stove part, rusted nut and small decorative bottle with lid.

In documents found at the Ridge Route Historical Society and Museum, Rollin’s sister Rosalyn recalled:

My brother Rollin had been in the army 3 days when the Armistice was signed and he had to return to school. However, he was entitled to the status of veteran. Since he had always been an outdoor person camping and hunting etc., his ambition was to have his own ranch. Homestead land was available in Lockwood Valley about 20 miles from Lebec. My parents agreed to his wishes but took out 365 homestead acres immediately adjacent.
— Rosalyn Brown