Q. What do I need to bring for my stay at the Ranch? 

A. You will need to bring your own food, clothing, toiletries and personal items. We provide bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and bath mats; all linens including sheets, comforters and pillows. The kitchen in each house is fully stocked with plates, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, bowls, microwave, toaster, coffee-maker, chef's stove, refrigerator and freezer and kitchen cooking utensils. Paper towels, toilet paper and tissues provided.

Q. Are the houses private?

A. Keep in mind that this is a working ranch so we do have ranch staff on site 24/7 to care for the animals, operate the ranch and respond to any problems or questions you may have. Please note that there are two vacation rental units on the premises, so there may be other travelers present during your stay. The main house residence has exclusive use of the areas immediately adjacent to the residence including the picnic tables and children's play area.

Q. How many people does the main house sleep?

A. There are 6 bedrooms and 3 baths so it depends on how your group plans on sharing beds. The master bedroom has a king size bed and room for 2 twin size sleeping cots . Lockwood's Room has a full size bed, Brown's Room has a queen bed (and room for a twin size sleeping cot), Ojai Room has a queen bed, Frazier Room has a queen bed and the Kids' Bunk Room has two bunkbed units (4 twin size mattresses). So, if only one person sleeps in each adult bed and kids bed, the count would be 5 adults and 4 kids (plus two sleeping cots). If you have couples wanting to share beds, then you can sleep 10 adults and 4 kids plus two sleeping cots. Also keep in mind that we have lots of room for tents on the property should you be adventuresome and want to experience outdoor sleeping with the wildlife. Additionally, there are 4 toilets and 4 showers in an outdoor building which are handy during peak shower usage times.

Q. What weather should I be prepared for?

A. The Ranch is located at 5,200 feet so the weather is quite different from the Los Angeles area.  The wintertime can reach lows in the single digits at nighttime and 20's and 30's during the days. The cold weather can last well into May. You will want to bring plenty of warm layers in the wintertime including snow boots, hats, parkas and gloves if you plan on any outside activities.  June can bring daytime temps in the low 90's but the nighttime always cools down. July can bring daytime temps in the high 90's and low 100's. The main house is equipped with 5 fireplaces and central heating in all areas except the Ojai and Frazier rooms which have their own own wall heater units. There is no air conditioning and most rooms are equipped with ceiling fans. Thanks to the cool night time mountain breezes that blow through the valley, you simply need to just open the window to allow the cool air to flow through.

Q. What activities are there at the Ranch?

A.  We've prepared a list of Things to Do at the Ranch that you can review at this link.

Q. Do you cook for us?

A. No. The Main Residence and Ranch House are fully stocked with all the utensils that you will need to prepare your own meals. Frazier Park (20-minute drive from Ranch) has an excellent market with full meat counter and local restaurants including pizza, burgers, Mexican, and vegetarian Indian cuisine.

Q. Do you have internet access?

A. If you absolutely cannot unplug during your stay, we do have satellite internet and wifi access in the main house but it is LIMITED. Do not expect the fast service that you probably get at your home or office. This ranch is remote so service is only available via slow satellite. Cell phone service varies in different rooms in the main residence and Ranch House and different parts of the property depending on your cellphone provider. DIRECTV is available in the main residence only.

Q. Is there a daily schedule at the Ranch?

A. You're invited to join us in our daily ranch chores including feeding the chickens and horses and livestock. Feel the need to garden? There's an unlimited supply of weeds to pull! Want to flex your muscles? Head on down to the riverbed and pick up some super cool rocks.  Want to just relax? That's OK too! Grab your favorite novel and pull up a chair or relax in the hammock.

Q. Do you have walking paths around the Ranch?

A. Yes! Upon your arrival, we can provide you with walking maps including easy 1/2 mile to 3 mile walks. Need more exercise? Go around twice!

Q. Can I bring my dog(s)?

A. Yes, dogs are allowed with an additional pet deposit. Keep in mind however that Lockwood's Ranch is located next to 160,000 acres of wilderness. There is a large variety of local wildlife including mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and snakes so it is best to keep your pets on leash. Also, any pets that might disturb the ranch animals must be kept on-leash.

Q. What can you tell me about the history of this ranch?

A. There is some intriguing history which includes a gold-miner by the name of Bernard Lockwood who mined locally in the 1800's (hence the name Lockwood Valley), the Brown family from Pasadena, CA who homesteaded in the 1920's and Hollywood's famous screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo who spent many years at the ranch writing many well known screenplays (and building a large portion of the current-day main house). Read more about the history.

Q. Can we stay at the ranch without anyone else present?

A. No. There is always someone present from the ranch crew who is at the property 24/7. When you rent the main residence, have exclusive use of the adjacent areas. When you rent the ranch house, you have exclusive use of the back yard but there is always someone else present on the property.

Q. Can we book a wedding event at the ranch?

A. Yes! If you are planning a special event in 2019 or beyond  including weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions, yoga retreats, craft retreats, etc. Contact Tiffany Windsor with your inquiry - tiffany@lockwoodsranch.com or 626-616-3113.